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Stüssy, Inc., is an Irvine, California-based apparel company that has managed to stay on the cutting edge of urban street fashion for 20 years, combining a number of influences, including surfer, skatewear, hip hop, reggae, surplus, as well as classic preppy wear. Stüssy has a celebrity following and an international reputation, despite spending no money on promotion. From the start, the company has limited its production to a level far below the demand for its products, a strategy that while limiting profits has created an air of exclusivity about its apparel and accessories. Stüssy products are found in a variety of outlets, with some sold in skate, surf, and snowboard shops, and other items sold in department and specialty stores. In addition, the company has licensed the Stüssy name to some 50 stores located throughout the world. A handful of boutiques launched in the early 1990s by co-founder Shawn Stussy are owned by the corporation. In recent years, Stussy has expanded beyond men's clothing and now offers a complete line of women's clothing. It also designs and sells such accessories as sunglasses, hats, and backpacks.

Service Hotline: +971 4 770 6830

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