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Upclassics is bringing true streetwear heritage and western influences to the middle east area, making coveted brands and sneakers from abroad accessible to our community. As a multibrand onlineshop our carefully selected portfolio covers traditional / authentic brands, as well as younger progressive / innovative ones. Secondly upclassics serves as a platform that embraces (sub)cultural exchange. Since streetwear never stood by itself, we have to take care of the world around it. Music, Art, Sports and Culture build our space of action. On the one hand we support local culture as it is, on the other, we enhance it with our own influences and projects.

An old sentence states that clothes make the man. It is obvious that more important values are counting than the stuff you wear. Anyway clothes are one of those things which are noticed on the first sight. One can say that it is a kind of business card, as immediately a business man can be distinguished from a skateboarder or a punk. Clothes help to express your membership to a certain kind of group or subculture. We as are concentrated on the street wear and sneaker culture. Therefore we do our best to provide you from season to season with the freshest collections. Our product range includes strong and classic brands like Carhartt, Stussy and The Hundreds. On the other hand we still haven't forgot our roots and thus support new and small upcoming street wear brands like Daily Paper, Chinatown Market and so on.
We would appreciate if you take the time and explore our range of products. We bet you will find something you like as we sell basics but also unusual products and specials for the sneakerheads and fashionistas. Not to forget our huge selection of Accessoires.
Service Hotline: +971 4 770 6830

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