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Nike Thea

Nike Thea

The discreet style by excellence. Targeted support and Max Air technology combined in a low cut for you to enjoy exceptional comfort and cushioning in an elegant way. Named as the Greek goddess Thea, the Nike women's sports shoes take back the sweetness of the goddess. The Air Max has a large fan base built over the years, partly due to its sleek and fresh design since its appearance. The sneaker is simply constructed comes with a side panel on which is indicated the Swoosh logo on the side. Thanks to the EVA midsole the foot is shockproof and the seamless upper is soft. The shoe is a real featherweight. This makes it ideal for long days in the asphalt deserts of the world. The Thea offers not only a sporty look but also high-quality materials, superior quality and a chic, elegant look that slips into any situation. This model will always look good. The small details of the logo and the Nike logo on the heel complete the overall concept of Thea and make sure to maintain a true legend. The revolutionary Air-Sole outsole made its way into Nike's shoes in 1978. In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 debuted, with its sole allowing athletes to see the air in the heel. The comfort of such an Air-Sole sole is not only visible but also appreciable. Since then, Nike Air Max shoes and the next generations with their catchy and reliable color combinations, lightweight cushioning are made very popular for athletes and collectors.

About the Nike Thea

The Air Max Thea is the first model designed exclusively for women. It takes its name from the Greek goddess of light, called Thea. Equipped with a sole that incorporates the concept of visible air, the Thea offers a much thinner silhouette that defines perfectly the feminine foot. The model offers comfort. The slim fit and sporty and stylish design are just the thing for those who are looking for a simple workout sports shoe. Even with jeans, skirts and shorts, the Nike Air Max Thea is stylish. It is your indispensable companion every day. The extremely lightweight upper section is made of a transparent Hyperfuse material that generates an extremely comfortable wearing feeling associated with PU material in special sole. There are many more models, like the Air Max Thea Ultra, Air Max Thea Ultra SE or even lighter options, with the revolutionary Flyknit. A noble model, equipped with soft leather and variants such as the Premium Air Max Thea are also available. The Air Max Thea combines the best of the worlds, makes its wearer feel like walking on clouds. Nike has created a timeless, convertible and especially versatile shoe, this perfectly matches the history of the Air Max and has quickly become an important step in the success of Nike.

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