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Nike Blazer

Nike Blazer

In 1972, Nike, then very youngly created, saw his notoriety taken off thanks to the Cortez and the Olympics of Munich. Seeing in sponsoring a way to make the brand take off and become popular, Nike has sought to expand into various sports. In the United States two sports were very trendy at that time, athletics and basketball. After having already performed on the athletic fields, it is quite naturally that Nike has focused on this second sport. The Nike Blazer is going to be developed for basketball and seduce all the American campuses, until reaching the status of bestseller. George Gervin, The Iceman, is one of the pivots of the success of this sneaker. This American basketball champion is one of the biggest stars of NBA over the period 70-80. He made the success of the SPURS of San-Antonio and Nike. Playing with this shoe, the champion democratizes the pair. The swoosh logo on its flannel, its rising form which maintains the foot and its colorful design and sleek style this pair quickly spread on the basketball courts.

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