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Released for the first times in 1990’s the Gel-Mai is coming back the last two years. The least we can say it’s that this model is very trendy. The bold stylistic statements crossed with cutting-edge tech. ASICS developed the sneaker with the underlying conceptual approach that an upper is not necessary when the entire sole-unit is at the top of its game. The asymmetrical eyelet stay, that extra volume of the sole, and the unique design are among the shoe’s better features.

Asics Gel-Mai

The progressive design features asymmetrical eyelet stays, eyelet-adorned sides, and a single pouch-like form that cradled the instep through the ankle. The molded GEL insole almost gave a technological nod to the ravers at the time, with its support and ride said to give a ‘dancing’ affect when you stepped. It’s still considered one of the comfiest and supportive of sneakers ever made, as well as a bold aesthetic statement. The new model has an updated last and pattern for a cleaner, contemporary silhouette while the midsole has been revamped with new fuzeGEL technology, ASICS’ new sponge tech that appeared in last year’s FuzeX silhouette.

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