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adidas Tubular

adidas Tubular

When adidas first created the Tubular trainer in the 1980s, it was designed as a basketball trainer. Being a shoe very ahead of its time, it never really made it as a popular adidas shoe before the turn of the century. However, Nic Galway, VP of designs for adidas saw huge potential in the trainer when trawling through the archives. With the new technology now available, he worked to create the Tubular’s we see today. They were named ‘Tubular’ because of the outsole design, which is modelled after the tubing of car tyres. This is to give the shoe more traction and grip, and to do this there was nothing better than a car tyre to use as inspiration.

About the adidas Tubular

Tubular’s now have many sub-styles, and come in low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. Making them adidas’ most versatile trainer yet. The Tubular range now includes Viral, Nova, Radial, Runner, Defiant, X, Doom and Mi Tubular’s. Each trainer is unique in its own way.

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