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adidas Superstar

adidas Superstar

If we tends to think immediately of the Stan Smith by speaking of adidas, the brand with the 3 bands is also at the origin of another sneaker impossible to circumvent: the Superstar.

Aesthetically close to the famous tennis shoe, the Superstar that you all know today was born only a few years after the Stan to allow the German equipment maker to interfere in the world of basketball supply of suitable shoes was, at the time, very restricted. The two best-sellers of adidas thus experienced a similar evolution. Created to meet the needs of athletes, they then crossed the barriers of the land to become cultural symbols and then icons of fashion.

About the adidas Superstar

In the 1960s, adidas is already a recognized equipment manufacturer in the world of football. An environment on which Adolf Dassler, the historical founder of the brand, wants to extend his dominance even more. But Horst, his son who was entrusted with the development of the French market following his work for the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, had other ambitions for the firm. Despite the recent acquisition of the plant in Dettwiller, Alsace, it was not content to boost production in the hexagon. He began to assault other sports, starting with tennis in 1964 with the Stan Smith. Faced with its success, adidas very quickly began the conquest of other sports. Following the remarks of Chris Servern, a Californian distributor, the brand will logically turn to basketball, a practice that is growing at the time in power and for which more and more athletes are demanding better products. The first responses to their expectations will arrive very quickly through two new models: the Supergrip, a low pair, and the Pro Model, rising declination, which had in common their design similar to that of the Stan Smith. With their more durable sole, reinforced heel and especially their supple leather upper inspired by Robert Haillet's 1964 design, the Supergrip and Pro Model not only provided better comfort for the basketball players, but also marked a break with the Traditional basketball shoes that had hitherto been equipped with a canvas vamp. Responding to the idea of wearing a pair of sneakers weighed down by the use of leather, the players of the famous franchise will not adopt them immediately. Chris Serven will nevertheless succeed in convincing the San Diego Rockets coach at the start of the 1967-68 championship, and then the US national team that will carry them in 1968 during the Mexico City Olympics. In the next season, it will be the turn of the Boston Celtics to tread the NBA floorboards with Supergrip or Pro Model to the feet. In honor of their final victory at the end of this season, adidas will decide to give the name "Superstar" to the two versions of his shoe. It was only in the 1970s that the Superstar, part of whose production was made in France, would eventually win, with the help of emblematic NBA figures such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bobby Jones or Again Mike Green. It will then be a success such that in 1973, 85% of the players of the American championship will evolve with.

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