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adidas Stan Smith

adidas Stan Smith

Classic among the classics, the adidas Stan Smith is undoubtedly one of the most popular sneakers of the moment. The model, which has been circulating for several years to millions of copies in the world, has indeed become a true phenomenon of fashion next to which it is now impossible or almost impossible to pass. Like most sneakers, the Stan Smith was conceived for the practice of sport before being established on the street with the followers of streetwear.

About the adidas Stan Smith

In the 1960s, adidas is a brand mostly known for its shoes with spikes and radiates thus primarily in the middle of football. Wishing to invest the niche of tennis, adidas reached, in 1964 Robert Haillet, the French number one in tennis. He is the one who will supervise the creation of the model and who will be the standard bearer until 1971. During this period, the sneaker is not yet called Stan Smith but Robert Haillet. It is however already in all respects similar to the one you can find now. It is actually composed of a leather upper and a sole entirely white and the upper part of the heel in green come to contrast. This combination of colors became mythical as well as the presence of the 3 bands perforated on its sides will become the symbols of a Stan Smith that has finally evolved very little in more than 50 years. If the design of the Stan Smith is nothing revolutionary in itself, its composition will come to upset the codes of the tennis shoe of the time since the equipment manufacturers did not offer so far to players of high level than canvas pairs. By relying on a leather sole composed of honeycomb alveoli, adidas will offer them more stability and better protection of the Achilles heel thanks to a developed high-performance system.

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