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adidas Originals Gazelle

adidas Originals Gazelle

When we talk about the success of the adidas sneakers, we tends to think immediately of the Stan Smith and the Superstar. The two best-sellers launched in the 1960s are still very popular with sneaker enthusiasts, to such an extent that it becomes virtually abnormal not to own at least one pair. But we will almost forget then that next to these great classics is another model of the brand to the 3 bands in the process of becoming cult: the Gazelle. Although appreciated for its suede leather upper and the great variety of colors in which it is offered, the Gazelle does have the necessary assets to steal the spotlight from other adidas references.

About the adidas Gazelle

The history of the Gazelle begins in 1968. For more than 10 years, adidas has triumphed in the world of athletics with resounding victories in major competitions, starting with the Olympic Games. In 1952, Czechoslovak athlete Emil Zátopek won 3 gold medals in Helsinki. The marathon runner will be imitated him, in 1960 by Wilma Rudolph who will finish at the top of the podium also 3 times, at the end of the 100, 200 meters and relay 4x100 meters. Some time after the Olympics in Rome, the Herzogenaurach firm will create a training shoe called "Rom", in tribute to the exploit made by the American athlete. It was this model that was largely inspired by the Gazelle, which did not appear until 8 years later, in 1968. At the end of the 1960s, adidas has just introduced the Stan Smith. Which did not yet bear the name of the American tennis player at the time but that of its creator: Robert Haillet. A first declension in the blue upper was intended for the practice of indoor sports. Named simply "GAZELLE-BLAU" by adidas, it had a thick sole made from a rubber that had the distinction of integrating micro-air cells. Thanks to these microcells capable of effectively dispersing the shocks via a corrugation phenomenon, the athletes benefited from excellent cushioning. The second, identifiable with its red rod and its logical designation "GAZELLE-ROT", was designed for outdoor sports. Its sole was generally the same as the one that fitted the red version except that it was adapted to the most sinuous surfaces to guarantee the runners a perfect stability. As for its name, it results from the comparison of the basketball with a "small and thin antelope, as fast as graceful", a slogan used in several advertising campaigns in the years 1970. It is also inscribed in the continuity of the choice of adidas to apply at the time of the names of mammals to most of his models thought for the training.

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