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Looking in the past shoes used to be functional and durable at the same time affordable and com-fortable. Nowadays some of these expectations still exist but within a new context. A whole scene of sneakerheads emerged in last decade. Collectors, fans and youths want sneakers and this has a reason. On one hand sneakers are comfortable and blessed with technical and functional features. On the other hand sneakers are fashionable due to their colours, shapes and designs. Originally sneakers were developed for different sports like basketball or running. Thus a lot of money was invested in the research & development for the improvement and competitive advantages. Nevertheless sneakers made their way on the streets and clubs. Shoes in general became a sign to the belonging of a special scene. Just think of Doc Martens and you will see what you will associate first. Nowadays people are camping in front of the stores to get a quick strike or a limited edition of a sneaker. This shows that sneakers are more than shoes! As we know our customers we are steady improving and widening our range of sneakers. Try it out at and find your special model from brands like Nike, Jordan, Asics, adidas, Puma, Vans and so on. No matter if it is a low or high shoe model we do the best we can to satisfy you. We are shipping for free and in case you don’t like them just send them back.
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