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Payment options shipping & handling costs

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Payment methods:

You can choose from following options:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Credit Card (via payfort)

Shipping and handling:

Payment Method Shipping costs
Cash on delivery 0.00 AED
Credit Card (via payfort) 0.00 AED

Delivery time

We are cooperating with our delivery partner TCS. Each item and size in the Product detailpage shows the delivery time which can vary from 1 to 8 working days. On condition you choose a type of payment where the purchase contract comes about immediately. This happens if you choose: Cash on delivery and Credit Card which are the only payment methods up to now. But as soon as we plan the advance Payment option we have to wait first for the payment to our bank account.

If your order is sent out, you will receive an e-mail where you can find a tracking code for your package.

Our shipping service provider

TCS We Move You

We are shipping your orders with our partner TCS. From our experience it is the fastest delivery service. TCS will try to call you twice in order to arrange a delivery. After the 2nd try, we will try to contact you again.

If we still can't reach you after the third try, your order will go back to our storage. In this case you will receive a message in your postbox. Then you will have 7 working days to get back to us to arrange another delivery.

Important: As part of new resolution for Courier companies implemented as of 01/01/2018 it is mandatory for all Courier License Holders in the UAE to be abide with the Minimum Postage Tariff, which has been set at AED 20/- (AED Twenty Only) for both Document and Non Document items (letters, documents and parcels) that have a weight of 30kg or less. This is applicable for both Domestic and international shipments / dispatches. The resolution should be implemented along with the existing rate 10% of the total selling charge.

Shipment tracking

If your order is sent out, you will receive an e-mail where you can find a tracking code for your package.

Here you can check your shipment tracking at TCS directly:
TCS Shipment Tracking

You can also check your User Account for detailed shipping information.

Service Hotline: +971 4 770 6830

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