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A pioneer of Los Angeles streetwear culture, X-Large started as a shop in the LA neighborhood of Los Feliz, on Vermont street in 1991. Opened by Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman, the store catered to their diverse community and was quickly adopted by personalities such as Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Spike Jonez, and Chloe Sevigny. The X-Large clothing brand was a true reflection of its surroundings and Los Angeles lifestyle. The brand drew inspiration from work wear, vintage, and club scene aesthetics; to mid-century design, skateboarding and music influences. Iconic for its Gorilla logo, X-Large is established as one of the originals and continues to influence generations of streetwear culture worldwide.

In the 90's, a new street culture was born in LA; a mix of skateboard and music culture, as opposed to that of NY where hip hop and graffiti culture was born. Eli, Adam and Mike D from Beastie Boys, together gave the XLARGE STORE a strong cultural identity.The items that the XLARGE STORE carried was groundbreaking at the time. By carrying, work wear such as Ben Davis and Carhartt, old school sneakers such as Adidas and Puma, they built the concept of the multi-brand shops of today.Their original brand XLARGE, presented a unique style, "a representation of utilitarian wear as fashion, as opposed to everyday wear" , and created an original fashion style by blending the music, art and skateboarding culture. After 20 years, XLARGE continues to be the innovator and pioneer of the street wear world.
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