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Fairfax Avenue - Streetwear Destination No. 1 in LA

Fairfax Avenue - Streetwear Destination No. 1 in LA

When a person thinks of the Fairfax District in West Hollywood, CA, immediate thoughts go to the sound of skateboard wheels crunching on top of uneven concrete, the smell of new and exotic culinary imports, and of course, the visual aesthetics that are associated with the fashion movement known as streetwear.

However, Fairfax wasn’t always Fairfax; The Fairfax Village area has historically been a neighborhood for Jewish immigrants, yet in recent years these humble roots have become less and less visible. Find more about the History of Fairfax here

Fairfax is now famous for another reason, street culture. These new “street” origins for the block can be traced back 10 years ago to the opening of Supreme and Reserve, which helped turn the block into a low-key hangout spot for skaters and those who represented the culture. This also began to legitimize the area as a viable place to set-up shop. It didn’t take long for landlords to capitalize on these new retail opportunities coming in and the increasing rent costs and leading to the closure of more traditional neighborhood mom and pop shops. Meanwhile, successful openings for The Hundreds, Diamond and Flight Club furthered established the area as arguably the mecca of street culture.

Momentum was building and those close to the block felt a real movement and subculture brewing. These new successes on the block paralleled the increasing success of streetwear as a whole. As a proliferation of new brands appeared in the market, so did the number of men’s clothing stores lining Fairfax. However, the momentum started to spill over beyond just men’s fashion. People interested in the streetwear movement shared other common interests. This led to the opening of relevant art galleries like Known Gallery, Melody Ehsani’s women’s store, Legends Barbershop and gastropubs like Plan Check, essentially making the block a one-stop shop for establishments who largely flew in the face of traditional big box corporate culture.

See the impressions below (Shots from yesterday)

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