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upclassics — the middle east's premium streetwear & sneaker store

Founded in September 2015 Upclassics took off as one of the first online shops for sneakers and selected streetwear in the UAE. Ever since then upclassics is bringing true streetwear heritage to the Middle East, making coveted brands from all over the world accessible to our community. With Stussy, The Hundreds and Carhartt WIP amongst our close partners, we're continuously expanding our portfolio to cover everything from true-to-roots authentic Brands to younger, innovative ones. Telling streetwear's broad and substantial story to the Middle East is amongst our main goals, as the culture and history is very important to us.

Secondly upclassics serves as a platform that embraces subcultural exchange. Since streetwear was never only just clothing, music, art, sports and culture complete the space of action. From several Pop-Up Events as part of our PopUpclassics Series, to the first ever Skate & Graffiti Event in Iran, called Write & Ride, we're constantly pushing forward to support the culture. Over the last two years we got to work with some of the strongest forces in street culture such as Carhartt WIP, Stussy The Hundreds and Montana Cans. As there will be more projects coming soon - believe us - this is only the beginning...

Service Hotline: +971 4 770 6830

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